1. Time Flies celebrated 25 years in 2019, making it one of the longest standing House Music events in the UK.
2. Promoter Henry Blunt was also Events Manager at Mixmag in London between 1997 and 1999, and has staged parties across the UK and Ibiza.
3. Resident DJ James Merritt is Head of Air Traffic Control at Cardiff Airport. Give him a pair of table tennis bats and he’ll show you some moves.
4. In October 2000 Time Flies at Wales National Ice Rink was broadcast live across the UK on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, with Pete Tong, Seb Fontaine & Timo Maas headlining.
5. Time Flies staged 2 sell-out parties in the Middle East in Bahrain in 2006 with Judge Jules, Brandon Block & Alex P.
6. Scouse comedian John Bishop came to the Time Flies 15th Birthday in Cardiff in 2009, on a stag party with a bunch of mates from the North West of England.
7. An unnamed guest DJ for Time Flies once had to sell his watch to pay the toll at the Severn Bridge Crossing in the 1990s before credit cards were accepted. Both Severn crossings are no free of all charges.
8. Sister Bliss from Faithless DJed at Cardiff City Hall in 1995 for £300 including her train fare from London.
9. In the 1990s the General Manager of City Hall lived in a flat at the top of the building, and would always take his wife out for dinner when Time Flies was on.
10. Mixmag once described Time Flies as “the best thing to happen to Wales since Gareth Edwards”. On being introduced to rugby legend Gareth, by chance in Le Monde restaurant Cardiff, promoter Henry mentioned the accolade to him. Surprisingly Gareth Edwards had never heard of Time Flies or Mixmag.

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